Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sojourn...does anyone even use that word anymore?

Hi!   Welcome to Essential Sojourn, a blog designed with a lack of design in mind.  Usually, I'm not a big Twitter, ect user.  Social Media has somewhat left me behind and I figured would be a way to reach out with the voice I use the best....that being the written word. With your time and my predilection for musings/reactions/self-exploration I'm hoping to gain some personal growth in the sharing and, perhaps, someone else might take something from it as well.

A little about myself.  I'm a 39 year-old transgendered woman, having been living so since I was able to drink legally.  While I'm old-fashioned in some ways, I'm progressive in others and try to remain my futurist self as I can.  With the future comes hope and we all can use a little of that.  But, also from the past can hope spring, most often from the last place one might look.  Therefore,  I want this blog to be a window into myself as well as an exploration of that which has passed and that yet to come.

I'll put forth to share, take as you will.  Comments are welcome.  It's all about discussion, anyway.

"Yippie-Ki Yay, motherfuckers..."

Yes.  That fits nicely.

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