Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quantum Mechanics Supports Free Will

 Gotta love when concepts such as the human will and quantum mechanics are mix for a nice epic "You got your subjective in my objective!"/"You got your objective in my subjective!" intellectual exchange.  For anyone that appreciates acts of will as centrally as I do and hasn't seen this yet, have a snip to whet your appetite.

Do you believe in free will?
Some physicists and neuroscientists believe in the opposite proposition: determinism. The mathematics of quantum mechanics have a say in this argument: Determinism is impossible unless you are willing to make an even greater philosophical sacrifice.

Hit the link to dive into the deeper water of the philosophy/physics foxtrot.  Take this up with your friends, family, or someone in line that looks bored.  This is the sort of conversation we don't have enough of, anymore. 

Quantum Mechanics Supports Free Will 

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