Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Epilogue for a friend...

Today, at approximately 4pm, US Central Standard Time, a fine companion of multiple generations of a family close to me and a good being in her own right, is finding release from pain and suffering that she's endured stalwartly though increasingly in this life over the last few years.

My partner's parents are taking her on her way, and they all feel the sadness and loss that this sort of mercy unfortunately leaves to for those who remain.  A member of their family for 15 years, Sheba, one of two canine companions is leaving us by mercy, and while I am glad of her release from the withering of age and infirmity, I mourn as I have for canines I have been blessed to call my own companions.

Spirit, Shaun...speed her to her rest.

Goodbye, Sheba.  You will be missed dearly.

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